We partnered with UnitedMasters to redesign their website in order to introduce their new subscription model. The redesign increased premium subscription starts by nearly 50% and increased both artist comprehension of the subscription plans and artist understanding of why the paid version was worth the price tag.

Backpack Labs

A web3 education platform

Backpack Labs aims to empower educators and students to learn, teach, and earn rewards on the blockchain. We collaborated with them to create the education brand of the future, designed their launch landing page, and art directed several collections of 1000+ unique launch NFTs.


Launch Essentials

Jon&Jess worked with electric scooter company Bird to launch their EMEA market. From advertising campaigns, to custom scooter plates, to swag, to whitepapers for the Mayor of Paris, we aimed to change the way people think about moving around their cities.


Electrifying truck transport

WattEV is speeding up the transition of U.S. trucking transport into Zero Emission faster than anyone could expect by providing charging stations and renting out electric trucks. We partnered with them to brand the truck stop of the future and develop a landing page to attract partners and investors.

KSV Global

A Global Brand for a Growing Firm

Kensington-SV Global originated as a family office and was looking to transition into a growth equity firm. Jon&Jess worked with them to build a brand that helped them close the gap between a boutique, family-owned operation and a global investment firm.

Shelf Engine

Design for Intelligent Forecasting

Shelf Engine uses machine learning to manage highly perishable inventory for some of the largest grocery stores across the U.S. Using real data on inventory overstock and spoilage as the conceptual focal point, Jon&Jess collaborated with them to create experiences designed to resonate with both the grocery buyer and the tech community.


Refreshing An Optimized Site

Often referred to as the Weight Watchers for millennials, Noom is a platform that helps people build healthy habits for weight loss. Jon&Jess worked with them to design several variations of their website to test against their current landing page, which was effective in converting customers but lacking the visual impact that would resonate with their target audience.


Answers from top experts

AnyQuestion is an “ask me anything” app where users can ask questions to top experts in their field via a TikTok-like social experience. We worked with them to create minimalist brand elements that let the raw content of their platform be the focus of their brand. Their question mark logo is formed by head and a chat bubble.


Run Super Natural

The task was to create a visually impactful campaign concept for Nike Free, a shoe that makes you feel like you're running barefoot. Awarded first place in CMYK Magazine's creative showcase.


Education for the real world

Juni is an online education platform that aims to teach kids real-world skills like coding, investing, and entrepreneurship. We worked with them on the full spectrum of marketing materials, including their website, digital ad campaigns, emails, social media, brand photography, and 360 campaigns for various launches and seasonal initiatives.


Making Cannabis Luxe

Kali is an all-natural line of medicinal cannabis capsules and creams. The challenge was to come up with a brand system that defied the taboo associated with marijuana products and embodied the high-end image of a luxury skincare brand.

Toro Data

Data Operations Made Simple

Toro is a powerful tool that helps data and engineering teams easily detect outages in complex data systems. Jon&Jess partnered with them to define their brand and revamp their marketing website in order to attract larger enterprise clients.


Medspa growth consultants

Moxie is a consultancy that helps entrepreneurs scale their MedSpa businesses. We created an elevated brand that appealed to a female-leaning target audience of nurses, medical assistants and doctors looking to build their own companies. We brought the brand to life across the whole customer experience, including their website, blog, and sales deck.


Private Credit market infrastructure

PactFi is a data and workflow management platform that modernizes how private credit market players manage deals. We worked with them to design their brand and website, positioning them as a trusted product at the intersection of tech and finance.


Gamer gear reviews

Spec is a review site for video game gear. They came to Jon&Jess looking to build a brand that appealed to the gamer community while communicating trust, excellence, and strength. We created custom lettering and a mythical creature to represent the imaginative world of gaming.


Sixth Star Award

The Sixth Star Award gives Uber riders the opportunity to recognize drivers who have gone above and beyond in the services they provide. Our task was to design a program that honored one new driver each week by sharing their story and awarding them with an ultra-luxe prize pack. Created at Uber.

Joe Schmoe

A Collection of Colorful Characters

Jon&Jess are building an ever-growing library of Joe Schmoes, our collection of illustrated characters featured in, among other projects, the Joe Schmoe avatar generator. Inspired by Hergé, the creator of TinTin.


A State of the Art Dental Practice

As one of the premier dental surgery practices in Düsseldorf, Benderstrasse was looking to streamline its look to reflect its forward-thinking practice. Jon&Jess worked with them to evolve and elevate their outdated visual identity.

Angelic Bakehouse

A Seamless Customer Journey

With the launch of their new brand and website, Jon&Jess worked with Angelic Bakehouse and Shion Studio to design and develop a system of automated emails, flexible templates, and guidelines to build a seamless brand experience across the customer journey.

Pitch Decks

Clear, impactful storytelling

We partner with startups to create highly effective, polished pitch decks that cut through the clutter, drive clarity and tell a visually impactful story. We’ve helped VCs and startups at every stage raise hundreds of millions of dollars.