Launch Essentials

Jon&Jess worked with electric scooter company Bird to launch their EMEA market. From advertising campaigns, to custom scooter plates, to swag, to whitepapers for the Mayor of Paris, we aimed to change the way people think about moving around their cities.


An Engineering Mentorship Platform

Plato connects engineers with top industry leaders to develop their soft skills. Jon&Jess partnered with them to build out their platform, giving their community access to live "Ask Me Anything" sessions, hundreds of mentor profiles, and a library of mentor-authored articles.


Run Super Natural

The task was to create a visually impactful campaign concept for Nike Free, a shoe that makes you feel like you're running barefoot. Awarded first place in CMYK Magazine's creative showcase.


A Marketplace for Streetwear

Bump is a P2P marketplace and community for streetwear which launched as a mobile app but was looking to expand its presence online. Jon&Jess partnered with them to build a fully a responsive web experience.


Making Cannabis Luxe

Kali is an all-natural line of medicinal cannabis capsules and creams. The challenge was to come up with a brand system that defied the taboo associated with marijuana products and embodied the high-end image of a luxury skincare brand.


Sixth Star Award

The Sixth Star Award gives Uber riders the opportunity to recognize drivers who have gone above and beyond in the services they provide. Our task was to design a program that honored one new driver each week by sharing their story and awarding them with an ultra-luxe prize pack. Created at Uber.

Joe Schmoe

A Collection of Colorful Characters

Jon&Jess are building an ever-growing library of Joe Schmoes, our collection of illustrated characters featured in, among other projects, the Joe Schmoe avatar generator. Inspired by Hergé, the creator of TinTin.


A State of the Art Dental Practice

As one of the premier dental surgery practices in Düsseldorf, Benderstrasse was looking to streamline its look to reflect its forward-thinking practice. Jon&Jess worked with them to evolve and elevate their outdated visual identity.

Angelic Bakehouse

A Seamless Customer Journey

With the launch of their new brand and website, Jon&Jess worked with Angelic Bakehouse and Shion Studio to design and develop a system of automated emails, flexible templates, and guidelines to build a seamless brand experience across the customer journey.


A New World Wine Label

Jon&Jess created a brand identity and bottle design for this modern Sonoma winery founded by two college friends. The winery is named after the word for “wasp” in Slavic languages, hence the abstracted insect-like iconography.

The Aster Group

Forward-Thinking Investment Firms

Jon&Jess teamed up with The Aster Group to develop visual language for their investment firm clientele, including Bay Capital Ventures and Moving Capital, the Uber alumni investor syndicate founded by Josh Mohrer and William Barnes.